Companies need the ability to collect, analyze and communicate safety related information, both internally and externally, with speed and integrity. Signal detection, risk mitigation and medical oversight all depend on time-sensitive and accurate data. In an environment of increasing patients touch points, having the ability to scale and manage safety information has never been more critical to a company’s success. TriRadial helps companies optimize outsourcing, information exchange, technology platforms and oversight to align solutions with strategic goals and operating realities. 

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FACT SHEET: Developing a Proactive Framework for Audit and Inspection Readiness

FACT SHEET: Ensuring Effective and Compliant Vendor Oversight in an Era of Increased Outsourcing

Example Projects

  • Capability Assessment and Gap Analysis
  • Insourcing/Outsourcing Strategies
  • Process Optimization and Global Harmonization
  • Business Continuity for Safety Services
  • Inspection Readiness
  • Vendor Selection and Oversight
  • Team and Org Interface Design
  • Technology Assessment and Selection
  • Metrics Development

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